Matheus Almeida

programmer and creative

Welcome to my personal site. I am an last year computer sience student at the Universidade Estadual De Santa Cruz (Brazil), designer and a music producer hobbyist. I have worked on dozens independent projects an some open-source contributions alongside my formal education. My goal is to develop solutions and innovations that help people to learn and be more productive. I have advanced knowledge in Javascript and Python, experience designing labels, logos and user interfaces for about 8 years, as well as building responsive web tech. Additionally, I am starting to produce some musics. I created this site to share my knowledges, interests and to meet new minded people.



Work with python since my first year in the graduation. Some object oriented, data structure, Web APIs and other packages.


Working with Javascript as main language, when i can, for two years. Web and Hybrid Mobile applications, some Web APIs and open-source colaborations. Mainly working with React, React-Native and Express.


Hybrid and Native Solutions. Already worked with React Native and Android (Kotlin). A productive focused app and an educational.


I was a BI analist on a Bussines Inteligency company for hotels and inns. Worked with QlikSense and raw SQL. Also develop some automations to find competitors prices and scores. No Link availabe for this on 🙁


I already worked with many things and language. Some languages not highlighted above that you can check at my github: C, C++, Matlab/Octave, R, Java, Kotlin, GoLang and Ruby.

Also have a good knowledge of Git, Git-Flow, TDD and Agile Development.



Before i even start to program my thing was design. I mainly work with Photoshop and Illustrator. I had a Youtube channel where i posted some tutorials 😅. I don't have a main repository of my desing projects, but i have some that i am uploading on DeviantArt.


I created some EDM songs that you can listen on my SoundCloud